Thursday, March 8, 2012

Golgotha Fun Park

Here we are in Cave City, Kentucky, located near the entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park. The photo here is of the 'Red Jesus' and 'Blue Jesus,' once part of the 'New Testament' portion of the Golgotha Fun Park mini-golf course (yes, that's really the name). Opened in 1992, Golgotha Golf was billed as "America's #1 Shaded Biblical Mini-Golf." The first nine holes are inspired by the Old Testament, and included holes dedicated to the Garden of Eden, Moses parting the Red Sea, and Daniel and the Lion. The New Testament holes were more sparsely decorated, and according to Roadside America at least one featured elves and men in lederhosen in place of an Apostle. The end of the course, of course, was Golgotha itself, with an uphill climb past three white crosses. If the crucifixion hole didn't do you in, Golgotha also featured go-carts and paintball. I first noticed Golgotha Fun Park (from afar) years ago the first time I visited Mammoth Cave but didn't get to experience it. Sadly, this unique attraction is closed. During our trip to Kentucky last year, we toured the ruins of Golgotha. What a loss to the cultural landscape.

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